MA MEA 2022 Call for Sessions

Thank you for your interest in the 2022 MA MEA Conference.

The 2022 MMEA All State Conference will not be in the usual 3-day in-person format
that we had for so many years before the pandemic.  The Conference format will be
whatever works best as the restrictions ease – maybe that will be a combination of
virtual workshops throughout the year and a one-day in-person event at a college or
conference site, or maybe it will be some other option that will arise when life
gets back to somewhat normal.   
Regardless of the format, the 2022 MMEA Conference Committee is committed
to providing meaningful PD for music educators and will continue to work on a plan
that meets the expectations and needs of our members.

In the form below, you will have an opportunity to declare whether your session
is suitable for a virtual presentation (e.g., via Zoom or equivalent).

The Call for Sessions is open.
Items marked with * are Mandatory.

  1. IMPORTANT: You must be a current NAfME Member in good standing for your session proposal to be considered for acceptance, and you must be a current NAfME Member in good standing at the time of the conference in order to present your session, if accepted.
  2. IMPORTANT:  Your inputs ARE NOT RECORDED until you click SUBMIT!
  3. Please note that you have 60 minutes to fill out and submit this form before your session times out. If you need longer than an hour to complete your submission, you can click on "Resume later" (bottom left of form) to save your work. You can then start another session and load your saved entries before continuing. Please note:  the system does not provide notice of the elapsed time of your session.
  4. If a session is accepted, MMEA will communicate with the primary clinician only. The primary clinician is responsible for informing all participating individuals of all specifics relating to the session.
  5. Some items (e.g, questions relating to space for movement, supplied equipment, etc.) are not relevant for virtual sessions, but are included for completeness in the event that portions of the conference include physical gatherings.

If you encounter difficulties filling out this form,
please contact Rick Lueth, at

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